Two weeks, no concerts.

Sometimes the randomness of my life and concert touring schedules means that I find myself without a good concert to go to for weeks at a time. I’m currently halfway through a two-week concert desert, but I didn’t want to let my blog sit here with no new posts! So here’s an update on the goings-on of the temporarily concertless concert blogger.

I just finished reading Bettye Lavette‘s autobiography, “A Woman Like Me.” I picked up a copy at her last concert in Boston. It was a fun and easy read, and I found it to be written very much in her own highly unique voice. Assuming everything in there is true, she has lived quite a crazy life! I really can’t decide if I think she is a great bullshitter or if the book is brutally honest. Maybe some of each, who knows? Most people will probably find something controversial in the book – drugs, sex, prostitution, domestic violence – but it’s a good read nonetheless.

I have also been obsessively stalking for tickets to the sold-out Nick Cave show at the Boston Orpheum on March 24th. I originally wasn’t going to go because I hate the Orpheum so much and the tickets are expensive, but then a friend of mine said she was traveling to Boston from out-of-state just to see him, and I figured it would be fun to go with her. Yesterday I lucked out and they released a handful of good seats, and I snagged one. This will be my third time seeing him, but it’s been about fourteen years since the last time. I don’t have any of his recent albums, so I imagine I’ll be hearing a lot of songs for the first time.

I have a lot of really exciting concerts coming up aside from Nick Cave – next week is local favorite Klezwoods with Portland’s Underscore Orkestra at Lilypad, who I enjoyed so much last time they were in town; the Underscore Orkestra is going on a U.S. tour, so check out their tour page! In April I am taking a weekend trip to see a Zorn@60 event which has just an incredibly epic lineup including some of my very favorite performers (Marc Ribot, Erik Friedlander, Cyro Baptista, Kenny Wollesen, etc.) and will be my first time seeing “The Concealed,” which I’m really looking forward to. I also just bought a ticket for YACDC (Yet Another Ceramic Dog Concert đŸ˜‰ ) which will be the third CD release concert I’ve been to for this particular CD. And – although I’m not sure I can pull this one off due to work responsibilities – I’m hoping to get down to the Stone for some of Jon Madof‘s week-long residency in April, since he’s scheduled so many great shows including Abraxas, Pitom, Madof’s brand-new Urim, and the awesome Zion80:

You probably won’t see any new posts here for another week or so, but after that it should be back to the usual level of “manic” here at Concert Manic!

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