Takedown requests

Received some takedown requests on recent videos, I’ve removed the offending blog posts and will rewrite/repost the reviews later without the videos. Apologies.

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4 Responses to Takedown requests

  1. dianeprokop says:

    Sorry to hear that. Can’t understand why anyone would object.

  2. Kevin Nichols says:

    I was especially excited to get a glimpse of the classical side of this marathon. Oh well, guess not.

    • Sarah V. says:

      Yeah, sorry about that. No game pieces either, even though I was dying to get some good video of those up on Youtube. Such a loss not to capture any of tonight’s show, it was phenomenal.

      (Just to be clear, btw, it was the venue and not any of the musicians/composers who contacted me, so please don’t hold anything against our man JZ.)

  3. Marco says:

    Some people seem to have a hard time adjusting to new ways art is consumed …

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