Memorable concert moments of 2013

As I’ve discussed before, I’m incapable of ranking things like favorite or best concerts… but I do like to think back and remember all the most amazing, bizarre, and important live music moments of the year. A lot of them are more personal than musical, but I think they generally speak to the power of a live music performance anyway. So… in no particular order, some of the most memorable concert and concert-related moments of the year:

• Matana Roberts at the Issue Project Room, using the audience vocals as a third instrument along with her voice and her saxophone; combined with the acoustics in the room it was beautiful bordering on sacred.

• Not one, but two concerts where I was the only audience member to show up. Awkward…

• Sean Rowe & co. covering “That Feel” at Cafe 939, coming down into the audience and doing a perfectly imperfect acoustic three-way harmony of guitars and vocals.

• Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys’ incredible cover of “I Put A Spell On You” in the Spiegeltent at the Outside the Box Festival – it didn’t just make my day, it made my whole week.

• If it hadn’t been the Year of Zorn, it would have been the Year of Ceramic Dog – I saw them five times and every one was a memorable, unique show. My second most popular Youtube video of the year was from the second Ceramic Dog show I saw:

• Every time I convinced someone to see a show and they loved it. I convinced a surprising number of people to travel out of state or even to a different country for bands they’d never seen and/or heard before. (What can I say – I’m contagious.)

• Seeing the ever-intense Woven Hand at max volume from point-blank range at a little club in Boston when I felt devastated inside, but figured it was better than (more…)