Concert review: Joe Henry (6/27/2014)

Joe Henry and his gorgeous custom-built guitar.

Joe Henry and his gorgeous custom-built guitar.

Yep. Joe Henry at Brighton Music Hall. I was, by any measure, unreasonably excited about this show. I keep a concert calendar with a list of dates, names and venues with a note about whether I have or need to buy tickets, and this entry read: ZOMG JOE HENRY IN BOSTON!!! Poking a little fun at my own excitement, of course, but I’m pretty sure I was the first person to buy a ticket and I was definitely the first person to arrive at the venue (but that was mostly because Brighton Music Hall tweeted the wrong door/set time for the show and I got there an hour earlier than intended). I actually went and lurked across the street to watch the door because I was afraid they would think I was a stalker if I got in line that early. When I saw some other people start waiting in line I went over and joined them. This worked out well, because those other people in line turned out to be really nice and we spent the next 75 minutes or so chatting about music until the show started.

I’d just been at this same venue two nights earlier for Jolie Holland (see my previous blog post), so I was surprised to see that they’d set out chairs – I’ve been there a bunch of times and I didn’t even know they did seated concerts. Joe Henry’s music is definitely sitting-down music and not standing-and-dancing music, so I was happy to see that. Plus it was a week where I managed to see four concerts in three states while also working full-time, so I was just plain tired and happy to be sitting.

The concert had been advertised as a solo set, although I suspected that (more…)

Concert review: Jolie Holland (6/25/2014)


This review’s a bit late, but it was such a good concert I couldn’t bear to let it pass completely undocumented in my blog. I’d seen Jolie Holland and her current band in May when I was in NYC, so I had an idea of what to expect from this set; but this time around I’d gotten a chance to listen to the new album, Wine Dark Sea, a few times and acquaint myself with the new songs. It took me a little time to get into the new album – not because it’s difficult, but because it’s kind of laid-back and I’ve been wound up like a spring. Incompatibility of mood. I finally found the right place and time to hear it properly (a late-night flight home after a beautiful weekend with some close friends), and then I couldn’t stop listening for days – just in time for her concert at Brighton Music Hall here in Boston. I love it when I am in the exact right mood for the concert at hand.