Concert Review: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (3/24/2013)

As I mentioned in my last post, I managed to get last-minute tickets to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Boston Orpheum this weekend. The Orpheum is as dingy as ever, but I actually had a better venue experience than I did the last couple of times I was there. The security staff seemed to be actually doing their jobs, and – this may be related – I did not get hit, groped, or have beer spilled on my head like last time. I also had a much better seat – not as in “we had great seats!”, but the actual thing you sit on. Last time I was there, I had to move because my seat was installed so poorly that you really couldn’t sit in it. Really, it’s that bad at the Orpheum these days.

Sharon van Etten was the opening act, but I don’t feel like I can fairly review her set – there was a lot of distraction going on around me while she was playing. The “loud talkers” next to me who talked through the whole thing, and then the seats behind me turned out to have been sold twice by the box office, which led to a protracted discussion with multiple venue staff and the four people who had all bought the same seats. (Once again: the Orpheum is really not a very good venue. How do you sell the same seats twice?!) Luckily all of this was sorted out by the time Nick Cave and his band came on stage!

I have to admit that I’ve fallen off the Nick Cave train for the last ten years or so – I don’t have any of the recent albums, and haven’t much liked the occasional new material that I’ve heard. That is why I hadn’t gone to see him since the 90s. I saw such a fantastic show in ’98 or ’99 that I was a little afraid to see a newer one in case it was a big disappointment in comparison. But a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go, and it turns out that I’m a pretty easy mark when you want me to go to a concert đŸ˜‰ Anyway, this all meant that I hadn’t heard more than about 60 seconds of music from the new album, “Push the Sky Away,” and therefore was unfamiliar with the first (more…)