Concert Review: Wovenhand (4/11/2013)

On Thursday I went with a couple of friends to see Wovenhand at Great Scott in Boston. I’ve been a fan of David Eugene Edwards for a long time – one of the very first concerts I ever traveled out of state for was 16 Horsepower at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Sadly, 16HP broke up years ago, but Mr. Edwards continues to tour with his newer band, Wovenhand.

I unfortunately didn’t do a very good job being a blogger at this show – when I left for work in the morning I wasn’t expecting to be able to attend the concert and didn’t bring anything with me – so I have no pictures, no videos, no notes, no nothing. Just a memory dulled by sleep deprivation and multiple unrelated emotional traumas. (It has been a seriously bad week…)

This was the fifth time I’ve seen this band, but it was very different than the previous shows I’d been to. When the show ended, I immediately turned to one of my friends and said (more…)