Concert(s) review: Marc Ribot residency, part one (1/28-30/2014)

This week Marc Ribot is in residency at the Stone in New York City, playing six nights in a row with a variety of other performers in addition to some solo sets. I hope at this point that anyone reading this blog doesn’t need an introduction to Ribot since he’s my favorite musician and I write about him all the time đŸ˜‰ I didn’t think I could deal with writing six blog posts in six days so I’m grouping them into three or four posts that hopefully don’t seem too random. For this first post I’m going to talk about the duo performances in the first few days of the residency, with Marc Ribot performing in tandem with Charles Gayle, Frances-Marie Uitti, Jason Moran, and Roy Nathanson.

We’ve been getting to every show nice and early in order to secure front row seats for the best view:


The first set on the first night was the duo performance with Charles Gayle, who played both upright bass and piano. I hadn’t heard his music before so I came in with no idea what to expect. I think I liked the piano half better (maybe just because I like pianos in general – eight years of lessons leaves a mark!) – overall the set was on the challenging side, which I liked because it was the first set of a six night run and we were all ramped up, excited and ready to listen to anything. This was one of my favorites from that set:

The second set on both the first and second nights was cellist Frances-Marie Uitti. I hadn’t seen her before, but I had been warned by a friend that she doesn’t like people taking videos of her performances, so I don’t have any video footage to share. But they were both amazing sets. Challenging, dynamic, rich, really great stuff. She used a particularly cool technique with (more…)