Concert Review: Les Rhinoceros (10/15/2013)


Les Rhinoceros, a young band originally from the Washington DC area, kicked off their 6-week, 20+ state U.S. tour on Tuesday night right here in my neighborhood in Cambridge, with a short set at the Lilypad. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a couple of years after picking up their debut self-titled album, released on Tzadik – partly because a friend recommended it and partly because they had a glowing recommendation from the maestro himself, John Zorn, and I figured it was worth a listen. You can listen to (and buy) both their albums on their Bandcamp page. Check out one of my favorite tracks from their latest album:

Their Facebook page lists their genre as “Noise/Ambient/World/Experimental/OTHER” and that sounds about right, except they are probably a lot easier to listen to than you might guess from that description. They have some really catchy tunes and a good groove on most tracks, and the experimental/noise side of things includes things like (more…)