Concert Review (sort of): Sam Amidon (6/19/2013)

I’ve been putting off writing this review for days now, because I’m pretty confused about how to write it and what to say. It would have been a rant if I wrote it right away, so I gave myself a few days. It might be a rant anyway. Sorry.

I went to see Sam Amidon at a club here in Cambridge called T.T. the Bear’s Place. T.T.’s is both upstairs and next door to another music venue called the Middle East. They’re both well known on the local rock scene. They are both kind of divey, but in a way that many locals are fond of. I’ve seen good and bad shows at both of them.

The problem is that sometimes the Middle East likes to turn the volume up too high. And when I say “too high,” I mean loud enough that it is literally shaking the venue next door. We were all at T.T.’s eagerly awaiting an acoustic-guitar-playing singer/songwriter opening act (Alessi’s Ark, according to the website – I couldn’t hear her well enough to catch her name during the show). When the band downstairs started playing, it shook the floor so much that everyone around me got startled, looked around, looked at the floor, etc. because it was honestly alarming to have the building shake like that for no apparent reason. It quickly became obvious that it was due to the venue downstairs (the Middle East) turning their sound system up as far as it would go.

This music bleeding in from downstairs was so loud and distracting that it made it genuinely difficult to listen to and appreciate the concert we were trying to experience, and I’m guessing it made it even more difficult to play. Can you imagine being a drummer trying to keep your own beat while the band downstairs is shaking the room to an entirely different rhythm? How obnoxious that must have been. I really felt embarrassed for the Cambridge music scene. If I were them I would (more…)