Concert Review: Eldridge Rodriguez, Sidewalk Driver, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys (9/19/2013)

After an extremely busy week, I found myself (in the 3 hours between finishing my laundry and packing my suitcase) at Redstar Union, a small production studio slash music venue in Kendall Square in Cambridge. I’d been there once before for the AFP Salon, and this time was a pretty similar experience, venue-wise, except for the fact that they’d removed the tables to make room for people to stand and dance. I stand by my earlier comments that a biotech park is quite a strange location for a venue. I was a little weirded out when I walked into the building and some janitor-type person was crawling around on his hands and knees, scrubbing the floor REALLY WELL, very slowly and carefully. Cleanest music venue in the world, surely! That, or one of the biotech firms had an accident involving something very dangerous. Let’s not think about it too hard.

The concert was (as is often, possibly always the case at Redstar Union) being broadcast online, and my good friend Marco was kind enough to watch from home and take some screenshots for me to use on my blog. Thanks, Marco! Here is one of them, to give you an idea of the space:
wide shot

(Bonus points if you can find the back of my head!)

The first band on the bill was Eldridge Rodriguez; I hadn’t heard them before, and due to the general busy-ness of my last couple of weeks I hadn’t even looked them up online, so I went in totally clueless. Front row center, and clueless (this is becoming a frequent theme in my life). I quite liked them, although as I was watching I kept thinking of ways I would improve their set, so obviously it was not quite A+ material for me. They had a fairly standard rock/blues sound, but with added electronics, which spiced things up some. I had a couple of major (more…)