Concert Review: The Nines Festival (8/10/2013)

My friend Jen won a pair of tickets to The Nines Festival in Devens, MA this weekend. Thanks to Boston Emissions for giving them away and thanks to Jen for bringing me along :) I don’t normally go to outdoor festivals (partly due to not having access to a car, partly because the sun hates me and my ghostly pale skin) so it was a bit of a novel scene for me. There was a pretty eclectic selection of music and a lot of them were not bands I would have seen if left to my own devices; but it’s always good to open your ears to something new and remind yourself that there’s a big world of music out there.

This was the inaugural Nines festival, so we didn’t know exactly what to expect, aside from what was on their website – ten bands on two stages, a comedy tent with half a dozen comedians, and art installations/exhibits. We were in the unusual position of being most excited about the very first band of the day, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys. (Regular readers of my blog probably remember them, as I have reviewed them twice already this summer – here and here.) They put on an excellent show as usual, although it was distinctly weird to be seeing them at lunchtime, outdoors on a hot and sunny summer day. Not their natural habitat. The sound was far too loud for my little camera to deal with, so I’ll have to pick a random awesome Youtube video for you to watch:

After this first set, I went to get some lunch and then caught the end of the Air Traffic Controller set. Like the Army of Toys, they are a local band, but I hadn’t seen them before. I liked them, but having only seen 10-15 minutes of their set, I don’t have much to write about. They’re a fairly light-hearted indie rock/pop band, from what I heard. Check out one of their songs here:

After ATC we headed back to the main stage for Shuggie Otis, whose career the New York Times has referred to as “baffling.” 2013 saw his first (more…)